Friday, August 31, 2012

A week later...

my dad returned home. He called my siblings and told them he was just taking some time to "think".  He has returned but is upset that the missing persons report was filed and doesn't understand why any one is upset/mad that he was gone for a week to the hr that he left! Anyway, my family has a lot to deal with over the next few weeks, months, maybe even years with him. He is either in denial of his current mental status or just really doesn't think he has a mental disorder that needs attention. Prayers are appreciated for everyone. Matt and I along with our girls will continue to keep our distance for now.
Thanks everyone!

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Ginger said...

Hey! Thanks for the update. I've been praying for y'all and your dad. I know you're relieved and frustrated all at the same time. Chris and I will continue to pray for mental healing for your dad and emotional healing within your family. Love and hugs to you, sweet friend.