Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Questions for Parents...

I have 3 questions that I am trying to figure out before Olivia arrives.
1. Is Ruthie too young to move to a big girl bed at 23 months old? We don't want to have to buy a new crib but we also don't want to have Ruthie up all night playing in her room when she should be sleeping. Suggestions please!
2. How old is too old to be taking 2 naps? Ruthie is almost 19 months old and still takes 2 naps except for on Sundays when she goes to sleep at 11:30 and wakes around 2:30 or 3. I think she only stays awake at church because there is so much stimuli that she doesn't want to sleep. When we are at home though just the 2 of us, she gets very tired around 10am and can't seem to stay awake. She just cries and is very fussy. Suggestions on this one too, please!
3. I know a few children who potty trained around Ruthie's age (Kennedy comes to mind, Lindsy). However, I am not sure Ruthie is ready. How do you know when the kid is ready?

Any suggestions and thoughts are welcomed. And thanks!


Cara said...

1) She's not too young for a big girl bed - BUT if she will still stay in her crib I'd keep her there as long as possible. :) You will be glad she is not free to roam once the baby gets here. Is your crib convertible? If not, make sure the 2nd one you buy is - that way you won't feel like you are wasting money.
2) As long as she is not giving you trouble with sleeping all night or going to bed, continue with the two naps! You will appreciate it when Olivia gets here. I would think in the next several months she will probably drop her morning one and take one longer afternoon one. I would still have "room time" for a half hour or hour in the morning where she can read and play with quite toys and listen to music so you have a little breather with the baby.
3) M was ready at 18 months, C was not ready until 2 1/2. I trained M at 2 since C was born when she was 18 months old. It took about 1 week. C took longer. Silas was 3 before he was fully trained. It depends on the child. Get a little potty and see if she is interested. You might rather wait until the baby is a few months old. DO NOT try to potty train her right before or right after the baby is born! If you train her now, she may revert back and need to be in diapers some after the baby comes as she adjusts...

Tiffany said...

1. Not too little. Try it out and see how she does!
2. Girl, you are lucky- keep those naps going as long as you can! :)
3. Every kid is different. Asante was ready at 22 months. Aly wasn't ready until 2.5. Each kid's bodies are different. If you notice that she goes awhile without a wet diaper (hour or two), then her body is holding it which means her body is probably physically ready (which is one big hurdle). We just set out a potty seat around 20 months and started to put the kids on it at the same time every day (after waking up, after naps, before bath). If they didn't do anything- totally okay. But once they do, they'll start figuring it all out.

These are my two cents anyway! :)

Lindsy said...

Ok.....late to the party but I'm going to chime in anyway.
1. We moved Kennedy about that time and her playing or waking was never an issue (it was a queen with rails though and she continued to call for us when she woke just like she was in her crib). We did lots of talking about the transition ahead of time too. If you do a toddler bed, it just may take a few days of tough love to ensure she's not getting in and out when she shouldn't.
2. I say keep the maps as long as she's sleeping well at night. Avery is on the exact same schedule you mentioned & we just now started transitioning her to one nap because she isn't sleeping well at night. Kennedy was 13 months when she went to one, so each child is different. If you decide you want only one nap, you'll need to busy her in AM & maybe even do early lunch so she "makes it".
3. So, I always heard to ne ready as soon as your child shows interest & for us with Kennedy that was 18 months. Avery has just started showing interest too, so we will see.... If she doesn't seem interested then I would postpone because you'll have a lot on your plate. Interest to me is static.h dry at nap, disliking being poppy & likely hiding somewhere yo poop. Inquisitiveness while I am pottying (I.e. A likes to day "bye bye" to all things being flushed).

Good luck!