Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ruthie turns the big 18 Months!

Better late than never right? Ruthie turned 18 months old on July 18th! Crazy how the last year has just flown by. Our sweet girl had a really fun and crazy 18 month! 

We had fun times in St. Simons for the 4th!
 Eating her huge piece of watermelon which is her favorite summer friut! She still loves her bananas and is enjoying tomatoes also these days!

Daddy and Ruthie
Momma and Ruthie

Cute girl drinking from her juice box at Cow Appreciation Day!

 Dressing up in Daddy's shirt
 Cow Appreciation Day with Ruthie, the cow, Momma, and Olivia!

This month Ruthie found out that she was going to have a baby sister in December! I know she doesn't understand it now, but soon they will be the best of friends!
Ruthie learned more words such as "night night" and "puppy". We are working on lots of other words and she has lots of words she uses, we just don't understand her personal vocab sometimes! ha
Ruthie is just getting so big these days! She loves balls, playing in the water, loving on her puppy dogs, and getting into EVERYTHING! 
She had her first ER trip when she cut her finger on a piece of glass that she found far under the fridge that momma somehow missed. Luckily, it wasn't serious, but there was a lot of blood and her momma and daddy were very worried.
**This month Ruthie had her car seat turned forward facing on the day before she turned 18 months old. She loves being able to see everything and seems to travel better. 
Ruthie loves being naked these days. She will strip down to nothing and just run around the house. 
She has become an escape artist! She can get out of her jumperoo all by herself. It is very funny and yet very sad. We can't just leave her in the jumperoo any longer to get things done. It is pretty great though! 
She is just so joyful and independent. She has found her voice this month! She is learning though that you can't just scream to get your way. However, she is still one of the most well behaved and happy babies I have ever met! She is just so curious and adventurous. She is living up to her name which means "companion/friend" and is always making friends! it is amazing! 
Ruthie Roo we love you very much! We are so happy you are our baby and can't wait until your baby sister gets here b/c I know she will be your best friend and the 2 of you will explore and play together all the time! 

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Lindsy said...

So sweet - she's getting so big! Love all the pictures. Glad y'all are doing so well. Hope you're feeing wonderful!