Friday, August 31, 2012

Ruthie is 19 months old!

Pretty girl!
 Busted Lip
 eating a banana like a big girl
 wearing Momma's old overall shorts
 Daddy and Ruthie

Ruthie on the John Deere
 eating spaghetti at Deep Creek
 Banana again
 Wearing Daddy's hat
 Licking the router...she's kinda weird sometimes
 kissing Yoda
 Rocking at Nana and Papa's
 painting her rock
 ready to go to the pool at Nana and Papa's
My sweet girl turned 19 months old on August 18th! She had a busy month! 
She went on her first camping trip to Deep Creek NC. She painted rocks, played a lot outside, played in the creek, and just enjoyed making new friends!
Ruthie spent 6 days away from momma and daddy. She got to go to Nana and Papa's for almost a whole week. She also got to spend some time with Aunt Sarah and (soon to be) Uncle AJ. 
Ruthie got her first busted lip. We were at her 18 month appointment at our new dr. (whom we love!) and Ruthie was playing and fell on her sippy cup. It was very sad!
Ruthie has gotten very good at putting on her own clothes and shoes. She needs help, but she can do a lot on her own. 
She also has become even more independent. She wants to eat her food like a big kid. She likes to eat her banana in the peeling, her fruit not cut up, her bread whole, and so on! She wants to be treated like a big girl, but she is still momma's little baby! 
Ruthie got to also ride a tractor at Nana and Papa's. Ok she didn't ride it, she just sat on it, but it made for a cute pic! 
She is now 23 lbs and over 2 feet tall! She is in the 10th percentile for height, but 30th for weight and 50th for head circumference. She just has such a great appetite! She isn't that picky and really makes for easy feeding!
She really loves chicken, green peas, and bananas. 
We just really love you little kid. You are so weird sometimes, but we would expect nothing less since you have parents are weird as us! We love you kid!

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