Friday, September 7, 2012

Just waiting...

I'm sitting here taking this 3hr glucose test. Matt and Ruthie came to visit, but I still have a few more minutes so I decided to blog. 
Here are a few things to share:
1. Matt's great grandmother who was 103 died this past week. The funeral is today. It is a lot for his family to handle at one time since it is the mother of Matt's grandmother who just lost her husband a few weeks ago. I think everyone is ok, but your prayers are appreciated. 
2. I ended up failing my first 1hr glucose test so here i am on the 3hr one. Hoping for no problems, but we will not know for a few hrs.
3. Finally, I found all of these pictures on my camera from the summer. We have been so very busy. This is summer we went to Hollywood's Island of Adventure and to Give Kids The World with the college students (well 2 college age students), we went camping, we went to Wild Adventures, we celebrated my sister's and brother in law's wedding, and we had a nice relaxed 4th of July to name just a few things. Here are some pics!

Ruthie loved the creek water and the rocks!

Ruthie spent a few days in TN with Nana, Papa, Aunt Sarah, and (soon to be) Uncle AJ (Sarah and AJ pictured playing with Ruthie)

 Ruthie got to meet her cousin, Gracie, who just turned 4 years old. They had fun!
 Rocking in her chair at Nana and Papa's

 Family pic at Deep Creek
 Deep Creek
 Nana and Papa's
 Deep Creek
 Nana and Papa's
 Deep Creek
 Family of 4!

Deep Creek

 Deep Creek

 Ruthie's new friend, Caroline

 Ruthie finger painting a rock at deep creek

 Ruthie playing football

 4th of July photo shoot

 College Trip

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