Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Olivia's room, Ruthie the Ballerina, and Our 5th Anniversary!

Ruthie dressed in her Ballerina dress for Church.
She received this dress on her 1st birthday, but it is just now fitting. Thanks Emily (and family) for the cute little ballet dress! She is so busy these days that I had a hard time getting a picture, but some turned out ok.

 Running inside the church b/c that is her favorite place these days.

  Loving on Colton at church

 This child loves riding in the stroller at church

Next are a few pictures of Olivia's room. It was purple and we painted it Butter yellow. Then you will see song bird decals and her letters that were put on the wall. Enjoy!

 Jocelyn helping paint!
 Our friends, Mackay and Jocelyn came to help.

 Matt Stout painting!
 Song Bird Decals


Next, we went our for our Anniversary! Yes, we enjoyed ourselves! We had a friend come to babysit Ruthie and we headed out to eat at Crabdaddy's. We both got the crab soup and steaks. It was awesome! We then went and walked down near the pier and sat on a bench for an hr or so enjoying the fact that we did not have to take care of and chase a 20 month old. We just sat and talked and relaxed! Then we headed over to a coffee shop on the Island called "Wake Up". We heard great things and were not disappointed. It was a relaxing atmosphere and the coffee was delicious! I had the chilled turtle mocha and Matt had the chia latte. We highly recommend both. We decided to opt out of presents this year due to the upcoming arrival of baby Olivia, but we sure did enjoy our dinner and coffee and the quality time alone together!

 Obligatory Anniversary picture- Thanks, Matt Stout!

 Our view from our park bench!

 Another view!

One last picture of Ruthie dressing herself

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Big Jen said...

Happy Anniversary! One of my GP kids and his wife own Wake Up. Hit it up often!!