Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ruthie Turns 20 Months Old!

This month has been the most eventful month of Ruthie's life. I don't even think she understands what has been happening, but it has been a crazy one. 

Here she is in her little tutu dress from Emily Rozsa (and family). She finally can fit into it after 8 months!

Here she is dancing in the car on the way to TN for Granddad Stouts love to dance especially to Elvis and Beyonce!

Here is our silly girl in the tub. This month she has decided she loves shoes and that little pink blob at in front of her in the tub is her crocks. She wore them in the bath tub. They needed to be cleaned and she refused to take them off so momma let her wear them. (I of the year award here!)

Boy does this girl love her ice cream. Here we are at Ignana's restaurant where if you clean your plate you can have complimentary ice cream. Ruthie ate 2 shrimp, a handful of fries, and 4 pieces of brocoli so she got her ice cream!

Here Ruthie is climbing to play with the light switch

Family picture taken by our friend Jocelyn at the Shrimp and Grits festival last weekend. It was so much fun and such great food. Plus we got to spend the day with our friends, the Lees. 

Labor Day weekend, Rusty came to visit. Rusty is a friend of ours from Valdosta State. He was also in our wedding (5 years ago today). Uncle Rusty needs to come visit again since Ruthie and him became best of friends over the weekend!

Daddy bought Ruthie a balloon. Yes it is a 1st birthday balloon and no it isn't her birthday. He said they were walking by the balloons and she pulled on it and kept hold of it. He just couldn't take it away from her. Apparently, he has her wrapped around his little finger!

Ruthie coloring on the paper, but sometimes she colors on the walls and doors and then she does to time out. 

Bath time again. She likes laying in the tub on her tummy these days!

Climbing on the couch is one of her favorite things and this time she climbed on daddy.

Eating her mac and cheese after a crazy day of seizures and hospitals. 

Ruthie at the Shrimp and Grits festival

Headed to Nana and Papas and eating her foot...we need more food and games for our trips apparently!

Ruthie has started making "lists" like momma does. There isn't anything there, but she does write stuff and then stop and think and then begin writing again. Makes this momma so happy!

Ruthie climbed in her chair in her room and started reading a book. She takes so much after her daddy!

At the beach!

On the porch with Papa after a long, rough few days!

At the hospital...

 Family photo!

Noodle head

Drinking Momma's coffee- it was empty by this point!

This month:
Ruthie loves to climb and therefore has spent lots of time in time out when she climbs where she is not allowed, like the end table or the back of the couch.
Ruthie loves to color and finally has quit eating them (as much). She also writes on the walls and then has to help clean and then go to time out.
Ruthie had a seizure that sent her to the hospital. It was the scariest moment of momma and daddy's life!
Ruthie lost her great Granddad Stout and her great great Grandmother Mynatt. She did get to spend some good time with both of them before they passed and we have lots of pictures to show her later when she is older!
Ruthie loves raisins and grapes now along with bananas!
Ruthie loves dancing to any music and clapping along too! it is so cute to watch her shake her little booty!
Bath time is more fun these days than ever before. Ruthie loves laying in the tub on her tummy and splashing in the bubbles!
Ruthie also loves reading all the time! and making lists! She sure does make her parents happy!
Ruthie loves shoes and purses, and jewelry. We have a little girl people and she is all about girl stuff! She will wear shoes and a diaper around the house. She likes to change out shoes ever little bit too and likes to take a purse with her on our outings!
Ruthie has moved to one nap most days.
Ruthie loves giving momma and daddy hugs, kisses, and high fives. She also loves pushing momma and daddy's heads together to get them to kiss. It is always during our bed time routine. So while it probably is a tactic to get us to let her stay up a little longer, it is still the sweetest and cutest thing she does to date!

Ruthie you are going to be a great big sister! You are just so loving and I am sure you will love your little sister! Momma and daddy are so proud of you and all the words you can say/understand! While you have your moments where you do not follow directions, you really are a joy to parent! We love you so very much sweet baby!

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