Friday, September 14, 2012

Only 12 Weeks Left!

It feels like this pregnancy has just flown by. We are in week 28 starting today! Olivia is the size of an eggplant this week according to The Bump.
Tomorrow, we have some friends coming to help paint Olivia's room a beautiful shade of yellow called Butter (said in a Paula Deen accent of course). I have made the mobile, a canvas with Olivia's verse, and her letters to hang. We also got a vinyl decal to put on the wall that looks like this:
I'm sure by the end of the weekend there will be plenty of pictures.
We also plan to paint Ruthie's room eventually. It is white and just isn't quite the right color for our spunky little girl. We will be painting her room back to the color it was in KY- Green Grapes! I am very excited. The paint has been bought and now we just have to find another free weekend before I get too big to paint it!

We also got Olivia's coming home outfit. Matt picked out Ruthie's and I thought it would be special if he did that for Olivia too and so that is what we did today after we got the paint and supplies.
Here it is:
Genuine Kids from OshKosh Newborn Girls' 2 Piece Tunic Set - Sour Cream.Opens in a new window

I'm not sure this picture does it justice, b/c it is even cuter than it looks. Then we found this:Circo® Newborn Girls' Short-Sleeve Bodysuit - Pink.Opens in a new window
Ruthie already has a Big Sister shirt so we got this for Olivia and it is just too cute!

Then this afternoon we over to St. Simons for Matt to go to a meeting so Ruthie and I did this:

And boy did she have fun with all that sand and the whole place to run with nothing in the way!

Then we went and got Daddy from his meeting and went to a place on the island for dinner called Iguanas. I was excited about the shrimp b/c we had heard such great things. Well, little did I know how much better this place was going to be b/c then they gave us COMPLIMENTARY ICE CREAM with our purchase of dinner. Everyone who comes in and eats gets complimentary ice cream. I love ice cream and so this made me very happy and so was Ruthie:

She had vanilla with sprinkles and strawberries, but only after she cleaned her plate of 2 shrimp, some fries, and some brocoli. She was so good!

As for now, I had my ice cream, but I am cutting my carbs due to my 3hr glucose test being just a little too high for the dr. even though I didn't fail the test. I did so great all week that I let myself have a few shrimp, some fries, brocoli, and ice cream. Ruthie is a big eater so she did great at making sure my portion was small! 

Also, as of now we are those parents who have a screaming kid. I apologize to any of those parents who could not control their child while in the store. I am sooooooo sooooooo sooooo sorry for my judgment! Today my kid screamed through most of Lowes. She just thinks it is funny to scream in a high pitch. She just keeps going no matter what and smiles through it! She is so silly and I am now "that parent". 

That's about it for now. Look for pictures coming soon of Olivia's room! We are very excited to meet our little one soon! Woohoo!

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Amber said...

That outfit is so cute! I wanted it badly when I was in Target a few days ago, but my cart was already full of baby clothes and I talked myself out of it. Now you've brought it back to my mind and I may have to go back for it...
So excited for you, Matt, and Ruthie to welcome sweet baby Olivia to the world!