Sunday, September 30, 2012

30 weeks Pregnant with Olivia

Here we are- 30 weeks pregnant. I can't believe it. Baby Olivia is around the length of an english cucumber and the size of a head of cabbage. I am having lots of indigestion and having to go to the bathroom A LOT! I am also nesting. We returned from church and I just had to wash the car seat cover and the high chair cover. I also made a very long list last night of all the things that need to be done before Olivia arrives. There are approximately 22 things to do before baby arrives, but 2 are done washing and just need to be returned to the car seat and high chair. 
I had to remove my rings this weekend (probably 2 or so weeks too late). I am starting to waddle and feel very large these days! I am still tired, but have gotten a few bursts of energy along with the nesting. Hoping this next week I can get at least 1/4 of the list completed! 
We are also looking for someone to take our maternity and newborn pics. We sure do miss our photographer from KY- Stephanie Lyell. If you are still in KY and need photos please contact her b/c she is amazing. I am sure we can find someone talented to help us with these pics! 
Anyway, we are just so ready to meet our newest little addition to the Stout household. Just under 67 days until due date! Woohoo! Who knows maybe baby will decide to arrive just a few days early! A woman can dream right?

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Lindsy said...

Isn't it funny how everyone tells you to rest and relax before you have a baby? Yeah right! Theres too much to do and once you have one it's like there's no spare time. Enjoy having one though because once Olivia arrives, you and Matt will need to divide and conquer and that can be hard. I was hoping for some pictures! Good luck finding a photographer there. Hugs!