Sunday, October 7, 2012

Today marks exactly 2 months to Olivia's due date. This week we found someone to take our pictures. Our friends, the Chicks, from college live in Savannah and are going to do our photos! Jonathan actually did my graduation photos back in 2005 when he was starting out. We are very excited!
This weekend Matt got the chest of drawers put together for Olivia and then we got all of her window treatments put up. The only big things left are painting Ruthie's room, moving furniture, and making sure all the clothes are washed and put away. 
It is nice not to have to worry about a pediatrician this time around. So much that needed to be done last time was already in place since we already have a kid. We also visited the hospital last Thursday. It was a regular hospital maternity wing, but it made me feel better just knowing where we will be spending a 24 to 72 hrs after Olivia is born. I didn't really learn anything new, but this momma's peace of mind is better. 
Now we just wait. Well, wait and work. I guess I should get some work done before I get too big and can't, right? I am hoping this week to knock out the clothes and a few small things and hopefully some weekend before Nov we can get Ruthie's room painted between all the other youth events and daily life!

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Lindsy said...

2 months will fly on by girl! Can't wait to see the pictures.