Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Becoming a Big Girl

Pigtails: Ruthie's hair is long enough for pigtails and ponytails. Only big girls wear pigtails and ponytails, right? We plan to get her hair cut eventually, but at the moment we are going to enjoy the fun of being able to fix Ruthie's hair in cute pigtails!

Big Girl Bed: We are transitioning Ruthie to a big girl bed. We are going to eventually put the queen mattress and box spring in Ruthie's room so Olivia will have a crib to sleep in. So we decided to start the transition by taking off the front rail of her crib. Tonight was the first night and to tell you the truth we don't even know if she is sleeping in her bed or on her floor, but she is quiet and hopefully will stay asleep and sleep through the night! We will see...
Also notice her cheesing smile in the last picture, that is her new face she gives me when I ask her to smile for a picture. I have no idea where she got that from.

Onto other things, I did these paintings for our kitchen. We finally hung them! I am thinking of repainting Be Merry in blue. Any opinions out there? I do really like them though and am thinking of making a few more to sale.

Finally, I am just ready for Olivia to get here. I have had a few days of Braxton Hicks. Also, Olivia is very active and causes me to wake A LOT at night most nights. I am grateful that we can get pregnant so easily. It is truly a blessing, I am just at that point in the pregnancy where I am very uncomfortable. I am really just ready to hold this sweet baby too! less than 8 weeks to her due date so I can do this! I promise it isn't really as bad a this picture shows though...

 a belly pic: I am sitting so I look bigger, but I am also very big at this pt in time!

Our church is blessing us with a baby shower and that will be Nov 4th and we are going to do maternity pics on Oct 26th. Olivia just has to wait until after the 4th!
Clothes are washed, and window treatments are hung so she can really come when she wants, but it would be best for her to bake just a few more weeks!

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