Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Video of Some Dear Friends Of Mine

Back in high school, I met Camille. She was one of the youth pastors at my church. Over time, she has become so much more than that. We don't talk often, but I sure do love catching up with her and am so thankful for all the love and encouragement she has shown me over the last 15 years! I can't believe it has seriously been that long, but it has! Please check out their blog and video (link at the bottom), and if you feel led, give to the sweet precious family. They want to adopt domestically and that costs money. I know that they would also appreciate all the prayers you could lift up for Camille, Aaron, Levi, Bella, and baby Slaten. 
Actually, this is very close to my heart seeing as how sometime after baby Olivia arrives and we have adjusted we would like to begin the journey to domestic adoption. So I guess I just let that out for every one to know. Don't worry though. We will wait until we have adjusted to live with a new baby before anything else happens on the Stout adoption front. 
Please pray for and donate if possible to my sweet friends and thanks for watching/reading!

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