Monday, October 22, 2012

Macon trip

On Saturday, we packed up the car for a day trip to Macon.
We visited with my grandparents for a little bit and then headed off to lunch, some shopping, and some fun times on the playground. Also, my youngest sister is pregnant. She and Lee will be having a little girl at the end of February. So here are some fun pictures from our trip.

 Ruthie showing off her climbing skills...
 and her sliding skills. Hannah Leigh was very worried about Ruthie sliding alone, but Ruthie a pro at sliding!

  Pregnant Sister picture- I'm not sure it's fair that I look this big and Hannah Leigh is so tiny. When I was 21 weeks I did NOT look that small. So even in our pregnantness she is still as skinny as always! ha
 Then after a wardrobe change due to a dirty diaper, we went to swing for a bit.

 swinging with Gigi and Aunt Hannah Leigh

 Hannah Leigh preparing to swing her pregnant self

 I joined in- I am very pregnant huh?
 Then more sliding! It is Ruthie's favorite!
 and more climbing
 As you can see Ruthie also tried eating some dirt. 

 Hannah Leigh decided to slide with Ruthie

 All the women
 As I said we went shopping. Last year I bought the 2 dresses on the left for Ruthie and the other day I bought Olivia a matching dress to wear for Christmas. Now to decide which dress Ruthie will wear.
 Gigi bought the girls Christmas pjs. Ruthie's has a gingerbread woman and Olivia's has Santa. I can't wait to see them matching!
We also stopped by to visit with my step mom at the hospital where she works. She gave the girls some pjs and Ruthie a cute Halloween stuffed toy. Chris also gave us this, a picture from our first dance with the words to the song we danced to written around the picture. It is such a thoughtful and beautiful present. We love it!

It was a great trip even if it was short. It was great to see my mom and enjoy some time with my sister while we are both pregnant.

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