Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2nd ultrasound and change of due date

Today we went to the doctor and got another ultrasound. They informed us that Ruthie is a girl!
We are very excited about that considering we have already started decorating for a girl.

Here is a great picture of her face

Ruthie's profile
We were informed today that more than likely we are now due somewhere between January 17th-20th instead of the 6th. We go back in 3 weeks for a third ultrasound to see if that date changes again. We are hoping it doesn't!
As for mommy, I only gained 3 lbs! 3 lbs, people!!!!!!! This is amazing for a person who has always struggled with her weight, and also has not been able to be as active b/c of a hurt foot. While seeing our baby girl today was great this totally came in 2nd for most exciting thing to happen at the dr.'s office.
Lastly, the semester is well under way. We have tests and papers due along with pages upon pages of reading! Pray for us! Thanks!

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