Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ruthie's wall letters

Tonight, since we know that Baby Teapot is a girl, we decided to go ahead and paint her letters. Matt and I sat down and painted her letters with Polka-dots all over them. I am so excited about hanging them.

As for our other child, Maggie now loves the boppy. This weekend I went to a consignment sale at a local church and bought lots of great things for great prices. One great find was a boppy cover that is very similar to the one we had seen at the store. However, to get the cover we also had to get a used boppy. So here is Maggie enjoying the consignment sale boppy with out the cover that is now on the one my sister bought me. She loves it and it actually kept her down at the end of the bed for the whole night instead of her getting up and moving around. I think we may let Mags have the boppy, she just looks so comfortable, don't you think?

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