Thursday, September 23, 2010

3rd Anniversary

This was our last anniversary just the 2 of us and not having to find a babysitter. Kinda crazy.
We decided to go to an Italian Restaurant, Giuseppe's, that we have been wanting to go too since we moved here. Then we went to Starbucks for some coffee. When we got home we had a nice quiet evening with Maggie watching our wedding video and relaxing.

Here are the flowers Matt got me. We didn't do presents and decided to go out to a very nice restaurant instead, but Matt still got me flowers! I love flowers!

My handsome husband at dinner!

Both of us at dinner

A pregnancy photo in the dress my sister, Merry Anna, bought me

I feel large these days. Matt assured me that I am not growing exponentially as I feel like I am.


Lindsy said...

You look great Sara Beth! Tim and I went on our first date to Giuseppies. We LOVE that restaraunt. I've only been back once since then but I always enjoy it - their food is delicious. Glad you guys had a good time. Happy Anniversary.

Chelsea said...

Sara Beth! How sweet are you in your dress and all pregnant! Really, you look so cute!!!! I wish I was in KY and could be around for all this. So exciting. Happy Anniversary!

Amber said...

Happy Anniversary! You are a
b-e-a-utiful expecting mommy!

Ginger said...

Happy Anniversary to y'all! I remember Giuseppe's! We never got to go there but always wanted to. Sara Beth, you look darling! Love the dress!