Sunday, September 12, 2010

This week...

we have been busy!
1. Last Monday we started a new puzzle. I was excited to get to do a puzzle considering that once Ruthie makes an appearance puzzles will be something to just dream about for a while.

2. We went shopping yesterday. My sister, Merry Anna, wanted me to have a boppy and when we got the boppy we have a little bit of money left over and decided to go ahead and get the last decorations for the room besides the bedding. Here is a preview of the wall decals that we got for Ruthie. We put some up on the wall just to check them out. There are also more butterflies, ladybugs, polka dots, and other cool decorations that are not pictured.

I love the snail! We are going to put the flowers and snails as if they were sitting on the top of the back of the crib.

The Boppy, Thanks Aunt Merry Anna.
3. Yoda poster that has been moved into the bedroom along with most of Matt's stuff that was in the now nursery.
4. We are hoping to have most of the furniture this weekend. Pictures to come when that is done.

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