Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Happy Easter!
Yesterday, Matt and I did a puzzle. We started the puzzle my sister gave us at Christmas, but it is soooo hard to do. So once again we started it and put it back up after we got frustrated and then worked on a different puzzle as you can see below.

Today, between the 9 and 11 services at church the kids had an Easter Egg Hunt. So here are some pics of kids having fun and we were supervising.

Matt and Bob holding the fort down

I like this one b/c it reminds me of how my sisters and I used to wear a hat every Easter and a pretty dress just like my little friend, Jesse!

This is Jesse's sister, Clementine. Look at the cute pigtales!
If you look close you can see Susan giving a thumbs up. She was supervising also.
Tanya and Makenna, I babysit Kenna a few mornings a week.

Our yearly Easter pic

I forgot how often I don't wear heels until I put these on.

Raya being silly...this is Makenna's older sister

Our pastor, Jason, and his son, Max. I just love this picture.

My punch bowl was yummy along with all the lemon-pepper chicken I made, which I made entirely too much of. We will be eating that for a while. Some of our friends (Bob and Susan, Matt, Amy, and Ebenezer, Mike and Val, and Paige and Tim) came over for a pot-luck picnic at our house. Everything was yummy!

Here's Maggs enjoying the sun

Ebenezer just chillin in the living room.

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