Wednesday, April 14, 2010

more funny things from 5 and 6 year olds

So after I posted earlier today, I informed the girls that I wrote about them on our blog. They wanted to know what about. I told them it was about the conversation we had on Monday. To which I was then told that I needed to sit down, open my computer, and the 3 of us were going to have a conversation and I was to type it out on the blog as we had the discussion. Needless to say, I did not do this, but this is how the conversation went:
Madelyn: Open up your computer
Caroline: and type what we say
Madelyn: what are we going to talk about?
C: How about...Podcasts? Yeah podcasts!
M: about American Girl dolls!
ME: Why would we do that?
The girls: because you make us listen to podcasts and we like American girl dolls!

I mean seriously what was I thinking...of course we would need to talk about podcasts and American girls dolls, what else would be of upmost importance? I do listen to podcasts while driving them around. the girls have grown to enjoy hearing about fun (and appropriate) things
from How Stuff Works podcasts. We learned about American Girl dolls one day also, so that is why they wanted to discuss it, it is just funny the stuff that sticks with them.
As I type this out, I realize it may not be as funny as it was when I told Matt the story in person, so please if you don't find this humorous, call me and I will tell you and it WILL be funny!

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