Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things that 5 and 6 year olds say

First, about 2 weeks ago Caroline (5 years old) told me that she didn't think I ever wanted to have children.
I said Caroline what makes you say that
She "Because you have not gone out and gotten one yet" and she thought I should so she could play with it.
So I asked her where I should go to get one.
She told me "Just go to the hospital and they will give you one".

Next story happened Monday:
Caroline (5 years old): How long have you and Matt been married?
Me: 2 and a half years, actually we got engaged 3 years ago today
Madelyn: (6 years old): what does engaged mean?
Me: Well before a man and woman get married, the man asks the woman to marry him and then they are engaged and spend the time between then and getting married planning the wedding- it's called the engagement.
Madelyn: how long were you engaged?
Me: 5 and a half months, but you can take longer if you want.
Caroline: were my mommy and daddy engaged?
Me: I'm sure they were.
Caroline: Why don't you have kids?
Me: God hasn't give me any yet.
Caroline: Will we know when you have a baby?
Me: Yes I am pretty sure you can't miss something like that.
Madelyn: How many kids do you want?
Me: maybe 3, 2 boys and a girl.
Madelyn: (whining and obviously upset) What? Do you not like me? You only want one girl? You must like Silas more.
Me: no Madelyn, I do like you.
Madelyn: Well why don't you want 2 girls? Boys are crazier than girls!
Me: well i'm not sure about that.
Caroline: What are you going to name her? Caroline?
Madelyn: how about Madelyn?
Me: Sure, why not!
Caroline: Well when you move, can we call you and talk to you...and see the baby?
Me: Of course you can. You can call me everyday if you want.
Caroline: Yay
Madelyn: can we go play something else?

The END! Silly girls! I love them

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