Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break...errr...Reading Week

So this week was Reading Week and we got some time to rest, but still needed to do homework. So Mon-Wed I worked and Matt worked Mon and Tuesday.
So Wed Matt just did some homework and started watching the show Intervention. I was supposed to work Thurs but didn't feel well at all!
So I took Thurs morning and rested and here is what our Thurs afternoon looked like...

We wanted to enjoy the 75 degree sunny weather, but had to get some reading and writing done. Our friends, the Rozsa's, drove by and saw us and snapped this pic.
Today we are spending the afternoon with our friends Izzie and Abe. We are having lunch and doing a puzzle. Tonight is guy's/girl's nights. Tomorrow we will be spending the day resting and doing no homework. Then on Sunday we have church and lunch with our friends to celebrate The Risen Savior...for He is risen Indeed!

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