Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This Halloween was very low key. I dressed up for practicum at the elementary school on Friday, that night we went to a fun cook out with some friends and then to small group. On Saturday was the annual Treats on Main in Wilmore and we went out in these outfits to see all the kids dressed up.

Matt said he was a redneck...I think he really secretly wanted the Dawgs to win on Saturday night. Ok, just kidding he really dislikes GA, however, he is wearing the gear so can he dislike them that much?

Here is Maggie. She dressed up as the cutest puppy ever!

Here I am as the Koolaid Man- Oh yeah! All Matt's idea, but it worked so I went with it. It was better than all the other costumes I found online that wanted pregnant ladies to expose their whole stomach, or wanted them to dress as a pregnant angel, pregnant nun, or some other form of weird pregnant person.

We went home after Treats on Main and waited for children to arrive. Well only about 6 did, so now we have extra candy. On Halloween day, we didn't do anything other than rest. I was in a suicide prevention seminar all day on the 30th and so I was wiped out on the 31st. I took the day to rest and keep from getting sick.

So Happy Halloween and Happy Reformation day! (that is what good little Seminary students say)

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Marlene Taylor said...

You are a beautiful and glowing mommy and the bows are adorable, too. I know that you look forward to holding little Ruthie. Can't wait for pictures.