Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Much Needed Restful Weekend

Matt and I enjoyed a weekend at home resting. We missed my family back in GA, but truly needed the rest.

Friday, we went to Tangled and to have Mexican food for dinner (I think I may have mentioned this yesterday).

Yesterday, we decorated the house, cleaned a little, I wrote Thank you notes, Matt did a podcast, and we started a puzzle. There was also a game on TV that caused a little division in our home, but we will not speak of that other than for me to say "GO DAWGS!"

Today, we went to church, picked up some meds for Maggie, ate lunch, took a 2 hour nap (b/c soon that will not be possible), and finished the puzzle. Matt also worked on some school stuff, but it is editing a video which he enjoys.

We only have 3 weeks, one of which is a week of finals, before Christmas Break. Ruthie has been given instructions that Momma and Daddy must finish out the semester before she can come, but then she is welcome to come when she wants as long as she is healthy. I'm sure she understands this completely and will comply with our request. After classes are over, I will spend time finishing up stuff in the nursery and try to rest and prepare for celebrating Christmas.

As for this week, we have a Baby Steps Class at the hospital tomorrow evening after our Dr.'s appointment at 3:45. Hopefully when we finish our class tomorrow we will know everything there is to know about caring for an infant. I'm sure they can tell us everything in the 3.5 hours we will be there. right? right... We are also going to this class with the Bevils, so I am sure that with Jonathon and Matt in a room there will be plenty of stories to share.

Well, snjoy the pictures and have a great week!

Picture of our tree

another picture of out tree

the Nativity which I'm sure you are fully aware is my favorite thing of our Christmas decorations as I take a picture of it every year for everyone to see even though it looks just the same as every other year. But I do think it is beautiful!

Matt showing off the wreath on the door

Mags enjoying the tree and lights

Our stockings. Notice the cute stocking for Ruthie with a toy sticking out. Yes, that is here first Christmas present that Daddy insisted on her having and I of course thought well of course she must have it. It is cute and a giraffe! We also bought a new stocking hanger. it's a really cute penguin which takes me back to my early Wesley days and is just really adorable just like our daughter is!

Finally, the puzzle that we completed over the weekend. We still have a few more to work on that we will try to do over Christmas break before little girl arrives and leaves us with no time to enjoy our hobby.

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