Saturday, November 27, 2010

A lot of Blogs in One

I have been meaning to blog all week and just haven't so now I will attempt to blog about a few things at one time.

First, last Friday (Nov 19th) the ladies at my practicum sight threw us a shower to "Build Ruthie a Library". Here are some pictures of what we got. We also had a very yummy lunch of vegetable soup and a salad along with some cake.

Here is the basket with a blanket and the books inside

4 of the books

4 more books

We were at Target last week and found this rug and it is so perfect for Ruthie's room we couldn't pass it up.

I also found this beautiful picture frame to put a picture of Ruthie at birth through her first birthday. I have been looking everywhere for one and I found this one for 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby. I love love love Hobby Lobby!

Matt and I have had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break. Matt worked Mon-Wed and then his parents came to town from Wed to Friday. We had Thanksgiving Lunch at Cracker Barrel. We had to wait a while, but the food was really good. I missed my momma's sweet potatoes and my Gram's dressing, but it was good. We also had some good company. The in-laws and 2 couples we are friends (The Murray's and the Meyers) with joined us as well. We didn't do very much other than rest on Thanksgiving day. On Friday, Matt and I had lunch with his parents and then headed into Target to return some things and look around for Christmas presents. Then we went to see "Tangled". It was very good and I think everyone should see it! Today, we are resting, doing a puzzle, watching a movie, decorating, and I have thank you notes to do. I was planning to write a paper, but it isn't due for 3 weeks so I will just wait until next week.

As for the next few pictures, we woke up Friday morning to SNOW! yep, snow! here are the pictures of the first snow of the season. I am hoping that we don't ever get more than this for the whole winter this year. A girl can dream!

here is a picture of the boots I bought with some of my birthday money. This one is for my momma.

Finally, I found this cute doll for Ruthie to have as her first baby doll. Every girl needs a first baby doll so this is her's. Here name is Buttercup, she is made for kids who has asthma and allergies, and she was found on Amazon for a really great price. She is made by Kids Preferred.
I got this one just in case she comes out with her father's allergies she can still play with the doll.

That is it for now. Matt's dad took some group photos that I will upload once they are sent to me.
Hope you all have a restful weekend!

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